What does this service entail?

ACHIEVE specialises in providing advice on town planning and urban design in England.  Whilst only rarely providing site survey and drawing services – see case study for Wick Fryer, Littlehampton – ACHIEVE works with a range of architects and architectural technicians to realise your development projects.

ACHIEVE will act as your agent to submit your application and identify and liaise with a range of other necessary professionals to give your project the best chance of securing consent from the local planning authority.

Pre-application enquiries can often identify areas of work which require detailed technical studies to demonstrate the development sought will not be harmful/contrary to the Development Plan for the area.  On-going liaison with the planning and other Officers of the local planning authority as well as relevant statutory consultees/other important stakeholders is also vitally important during the determination period of an application.

Specialist areas ACHIEVE can help to co-ordinate and project manage include working with –

  • those preparing plans and drawings,

  • site survey companies,

  • landscape architects,

  • heritage consultants,

  • flood risk consultants and engineers,

  • air quality consultants,

  • structural engineers,

  • signage manufacturers,

  • solicitors,

  • transport consultants,

  • tree surgeons/arboricultural consultants,

  • acoustic consultants;

  • sustainability consultants; and,

  • viability consultants

- where required to obtain the planning permission or related consent you need to develop the site/property.

ACHIEVE will work in a co-ordinated way at critical times in the planning process and do its level best to help you secure the consents you need.  All case studies cited in these webpages have involved an amount of project co-ordination and management.

Prime examples of when ACHIEVE has provided this service:

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Further examples include: