'Diegos', 10-11 Bedford Place, Southampton (15/01470/FUL)

Planning permission was obtained for the family restaurateur specialising in Portuguese cuisine to operate a flexible mixed use, encompassing eating, dining, dancing, drinking, dance tuition and live entertainment within Use Classes A3/A4/A5/D1 and D2.  A covered roof terrace structure was also secured for patrons who wanted to smoke at the premises.

Careful research of the site history (whose Class A3 hours of trading had never been controlled by planning condition) and council approach through the promotion of the late-night economy in the City Centre Masterplan, were brought to bear to persuade the council’s Planning and Rights of Way Panel to support the application.

A deputation was made for the client, given a small but vociferous group of local residents who sought to oppose the application painting the use to be contributing to anti-social behaviour in local side streets.  Member support was unanimous for the mixed use sought.

Testimonial from client:

“Dear Steve, First of all a big thanks to all the hard work you have been doing for me and on my behalf. Despite the outcome of the last case - (17/01831/PLDC) - I just wanted to say that I have been recommending you and your services to other people, obviously this shows how pleased I am with your work. Please feel free to publish my case on your website. It was a great pleasure working with you and I would always ask for your services again. Kind Regards, Luis”