4 Havant Road, Emsworth (APP/16/01222, APP/16/01224)

Instructed by my client who had recently relocated his private dental practice in Emsworth, Hampshire, Havant Borough Council were persuaded to accept revised designs for a non-illuminated, applied letter sign and a forecourt sign. Prominently located on a gable wall of a Grade II Listed Building just outside the north-west edge of the Emsworth Conservation Area, council officers needed to be persuaded that the revised proposals were respectful of these important heritage assets.

A full supporting planning and heritage statement was prepared and close dialogue kept with the client and his signage concepts prepared by Clear Signal of Cliddesden, Hampshire.


These were superimposed on dimensioned photography I had taken.

Being satisfied, Havant Borough Council granted both Express Advertisement Consent (APP/16/01222) and Listed Building Consent (APP/16/01224) for the new signage, which is now in place.  The client also has placed an informative text of the property’s history on the reverse of the forecourt sign.