44 Leigh Road, Eastleigh (2)

The client commissioned ACHIEVE to seek conversion of B1(a) offices to 5 flats under a prior approval process made to Eastleigh Borough Council.  The application was straight forward and approved 16.6.2017, under reference J/17/80435.

The site came with an external parking area to the rear and an undeveloped roofspace.  The client wanted to explore adding value to the development by adding a first floor rear extension and developing the roofspace, with the addition of a rear dormer window.  An application was duly made working with plans prepared by local architect Nicholas Jenkins (Wildern Architecture Ltd), supported by a planning, design and access statement prepared by ACHIEVE.  Subject to a small amendment, planning permission was duly granted 31.10.2017, for the work under the council’s reference F/17/81222, which will create a further 2 flats.

Advice was given on the feasibility of development in/over the rear car parking area, having regard to nearby developments, one of which had been won at Appeal, in terms of the council’s planning policies and likely matters to be considered.  Whilst this was a challenging proposition, a further planning application was made for a detached building containing 2 further flats under the council’s reference F/18/84612. Despite a constructive discussion with the case officer, the development was considered to be a ‘bridge too far’ by the council and notwithstanding a late offer to adjust the scheme (see below) and reduce to one further dwelling, the client decided to withdraw the application rather than to sustain a refusal.