90 Tower Road, Epping, Essex, CM16 5EW

Sometimes, all clients want is a little bit of re-assurance.  My client here was purchasing a new home.  The property, with neighbouring housing, was grouped around some incidental estate amenity space, marked with a red star in the aerial photograph below.

The client wanted to know if the amenity space had any development potential and had the owner previously sought to develop the land, as this would affect his decision on whether to buy their new home.

This involved some (interesting) enquiries to try to pin down ownership of the land and searching to find the original planning permission which allowed the surrounding housing estate to be built out. 

It was established that the land was council owned and maintained.  It was also established that current planning policy militated against the development of such incidental amenity land.

These answers satisfied the client who then had the added confidence to make an offer to buy the house.